We come to your house and complete the job in three hours

We’re so confident you’ll be delighted with your Micropaint service we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Our experienced MOBILE BODYWORK repair specialists cover West London and are experts in repairing car body damage, including: Bumper Scuffs, Minor Dent Work, Supermarket Trolley Damage, Plastic Bumber Welding, Key Scratches

Micropaint is West London’s leading minor car body repair specialist. SMART repair is a cosmetic repair on a small to medium area of vehicle damage. This type of repair can take place at a location convenient for you providing your vehicle is off the road with space for us to park next to you, with access to electrical power. We come to your house and complete the job in three hours. All repair work including minor dent repairs, vehicle scratch removal, plastic & bumper welding, and bumper scuff repairs will be fully guaranteed and our customers can rest assured that they will receive their vehicles in pristine condition. Micropaint provides a mobile, top quality yet cost effective fast repair service for minor vehicle paintwork. We are your local mobile S.M.A.R.T paint repair service. We are based in West London. Call Marcus and get free quote.


Imagine someone bumped into your car leaving scratches making it look defective several thoughts run through your head like how much will it cost, I hope the mechanic will be open, now my car needs scratch removal but do not worry all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Micro Paint. Micro Paint is a cheap on the go smart repair service that will fix your car in no time our mechanics are the finest money could buy we paint cars, remove scratches and other various repairs.

We will remove scratches from the car and paint it with the exact same colour. Not repairing your car can make it loose money on resale and then your not only stuck with a scratched up car but you won’t make any profit from selling it. Our prices of scratch removal and car painting depend on how severe the scratch is, prices starting from 140 pounds. Our service will leave you happy and delighted and will only take us 3 hours to get your car fixed and ready to go. We use the best of the best gear to remove scratches from your car and leave it in pristine condition. Not only do we remove scratches from cars and paint them but we also repair car dents and car body spray if you want more information on this go to the next page.



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If you are looking for auto-detailing company, here you have link to our business partner. They do repairing scratches on plastic bumper (mobile services) in the West London Area.