We come to your house and fix the car in 3 hours…

   We just need house driveway a power supply




1 – Does this repair come with a guarantee ?

Yes – Lifetime ownership guarantee…

2 – How do you match the colour of my vehicle ?

Using our Micropaint colour matching technology, we can match the exact colour 100%.
On every vehicle there is a chassis plate and on this is a simple code for the paint.
We take this code and put into our laptop where we get the formulation directly from the
paint manufacturer who created this for the vehicle manufacturer.

3 – How long will the repair take ?

The answer is dependent upon the size of the repair and location. Using the Micropaint
smart repair system allows us to complete scratch and scuff repairs in 3 hours
unlike a bodyshop that would need your car for 3 days.

4 – Do you repair scratches on the bumper ?

We specialize in all types of bumper repairs including, dents, chips, tears, scuffs and
scratches. Bumper scuffs are a common yet unsightly occurrence that can lowerthe
resale value of a vehicle. We are able to repair you bumper regardless of a painted
or textured finishregardless of a painted or textured finish.

5 – Do you work weekends ?

Yes we do… On Saturday…


Paint Scratch Repair ? Call Micropaint…
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