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Scratches on plastic bumper
and bumper repair

Micropaint provides a dedicated service for repairing car paintwork scratches; minor dents, bumper scuff repairs, scratches on plastic bumper. The paint repair service is completed by applying primers and paint to restore the cars paint to its original showroom standard. We are able to provide professional car paint repairs at affordable prices.

Did you know ?

INSURANCE ? … Our minor car body repairs are typically cheaper than your insurance excess.

MATCH THE EXECT COLOUR ? … Micropaint specialists are able to match any factory production colour worldwide.

WHAT IS SMART REPAIR ? … Stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology.

EXPERIENCE ? … We have done over 2000 paint repairs and over 1000 scratch repairs.

HOW LONG TIME ? … A standard paint repair will take about 3 hours.

Any other questions ?

Call Mariusz Holdyk Mob. 07796 123 123

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In this section we will talk about scratches on a plastic bumper and bumper repair. For your bumper repair and scratches on a plastic bumper we arrive at your location our prices for plastic bumper repair range from 190 pounds depending on the damage. If you need a scratch on plastic bumper or bumper repair call (07796 123 123) or email ( and we arrive at your destination and finish within 3 hours . Repairing scratches or repairing your bumper is very important because your car will loose money, also if it is broken for a long time it might fall of making the cost of the repair even higher . For the repairs we use Sata spray guns and Mirka tool so that we can make your car even better than before . We always leave our customers satisfied and happy because of our work. Make sure you call Micro Paint so that we can arrive and repair your car without any fuss or any trouble and within 3 hours your car be spick and span. Thank you for reading all the pages and remember call Micro Paint for any scratches ,bumps ,repairs and paint jobs.

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