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Welcome to our world. Please take the time to view the video so you can learn more about Micropaint.
With Micropaint’s unique automotive paint repair system, we can complete car body repairs such as
paintwork scratches,bumper scuffs, minor dents. We operate in London West. We strive for perfection
with every joband want customers to enjoy. Our mission is to make your car nice again.Please take
the time to view the videoso you can learn more about Micropaint. See how we repair car damages !

If you read up to here you are truly one of us. In this section we will talk about London car dent repair and car body spray London. We arrive at your destination when ever you give us a ring to fix a dent in your car or if you need car body spray here in London . Our prices range from 240 pounds onwards depending on the damage. We use the highest ranks of equipment available including SATA spray guns and Mirka tools. When you call us we get straight to business and drive to your destination, we then repair your car dent and car body spray your car . A dent in your car will make it look unattractive this will also make its value go down. We also use good colour matching tools to find the exact colour of your car so that you would never see a difference . You have to ensure to repair your dent in your car because it is a hazard as the dent could get bigger or even could rust which could make the cost of the repair higher therefore you should call Micro Paint straight away. We will definitely satisfy your needs and car dreams and you will never regret calling Micro Paint. In the next page we will talk about scratches on plastic bumpers and bumper repair.


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