The nature of our business, we can only perform paint repair on private house driveway. First of all, we love our costumers, because we working with everyday. In our experience to get the job done properly we need access to a private driveway. That’s the company policy. Sometimes, I have a personal problem, when costumer asking me:

“do the job here on public path, in front of my house”
(it’s not allowed to do the paint repairs in public places)


“do the job behind there, the people walking, but they walk rare”
(risk some touch hot infrared lamp or wet paint on your car panel.)


“do the job up there on residential car parking, there is my spot”
(do we have a permission for a large gazebo in there, and use residential power point?)


“do the job in basement car park, here is my space”
(what about flying paint dust and other cars?)


“do the job on my driveway, that share with other neighbors”
(risk of lack of permission for a large gazebo in there.)

When customer asks to do the paint repair in a place like that I’m taking a huge personal and business risk. This can effect to do a proper job. In that case, I am usually suggest if there is no driveway, the costumer can ask someone (maybe from the family) to make their private driveway available to have this job done.